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Healing with HOLY OILS

Aromatic oils are the plant kingdoms transfiguration of Sunlight, indeed they are crystaline structures that carry light, energy and information in the form of fragrant oil. These oils have been proven to benefit the immune, nervous, circulatory, digestive and more subtle systems of the physical body as well as expand the auric field and consciousness of the individual. Centuries ago in France, master distillers referred to these holy oils as "Treasured Ethereals", oils capable of removing obstacles from the natural flow of energy, thus encouraging a fuller expression of your unique potential.

Essential oils are the life force of the plants and their chemical structure is similar to our own cells and tissues, as such the oils have the ability to penetrate cell membranes and diffuse into the blood and tissue very quickly. The oils are powerful allies with anti-fungal, anti-viral, anti-bacterial, antiseptic and antioxidant properties.

The olfactory receptors lining our nasal passageways are activated by aromas, which then send messages to the limbic brain controlling memory and thought. The aroma of the oils help us align our consciousness with the Divine in combination with meditation, prayer and spiritual practice. The elevated frequency of the oils subtly knocks upon the door of Spirit, opening the entrance to other realms of being, reminding us that we are never alone; we are eternal and there is a power of love personal to each of us, that knows the way home. As our subtle allies, they assist us in remembering that we are spiritual beings, having a human experience.

This experience of remembering my Divine nature has been essential to my process of restoring health in my body and soul, experiencing peace and releasing fear and grief. The oils I most favor and trust are blended by my dearly beloved teacher & friend of my heart, Scent Preistess - Diana DuBrow: Emerald Temple

Many other well known brands and purveyors are unable to put such high level care into their product because of the volumes they work with, Quantity overides qualtiy far to often, be sure that you know your sources and are not recieveing an inferior oil.

As it relates to healing cancer there are several favorites of mine fo rthis purpose:

Frankincense ~ This is of benefit rubbed directly onto the tumor site as well as a drop on to my tongue, every few hours.

Myrrh ~ This is a wonderful oil to use to detox and support the liver and rub it directly on the over the liver.

Lavender ~ This oil is useful with anti-angiogenisis, or cutting off the cancer's food supply.

Only by organic from trusted sources, go direct to the distillers whenever you can, question them well and get the best product for healing.

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