In my work with these "Treasured Ethereals" I offer a profoundly nurturing soul journey through the energy centers (chakras) of the body restoring and re-activating:  Courage, Intimacy, Honor, Compassion, Truth, Vision & Wisdom.  The services offered here are the culmination of decades of my own personal journey toward spiritual realization.


My initiation in the arts of anointing using Holy Oils with Diana DuBrow, Founder of the Emerald Temple, has been one of my greatest joys and most transformative life experiences.  The Emerald Temple is not so much a location as it is a place that resides in every person’s heart. It is our internal center of devotion, celebration, and divine revelation that nourishes and invigorates all who enter.  It is a place where we honor all the wisdom traditions, though in particular, we celebrate the long honored path of the sacred feminine and especially the study and use of Holy Oils.  


My explorations of these oils have led me through deeply mystical experiences, transcending time and place in a very sober, gentle, and safe manner.  It is with humility, respect, and gratitude for the blessing of transformation, which accompanies these oils, that I come to you.


Through my personal practice of various techniques of meditation cultivated over many years, I have arrived at deeply satisfying, far-reaching and extraordinary states of bliss, healing & realization.   Even so, the use of Holy Oils is set apart in my experience, as a rarified opportunity, to transcend the parameters of the current view of Self, the personal and collective human potential and experience great leaps in our evolution; clearing obstacles resulting from deeply embedded, unconscious or emotional memories and experiences, which limit our expression, our ability to forgive, to love and to be of service. 

The use of oils is best regarded as any substance you would ingest to nourish yourself might be.  The benefits of holy oils combined with eating for health, offer an enhanced opportunity for longevity and quality of life. I studied the Eating for Health model at Bauman College, where I was trained as a Natural Chef.  I have worked as personal chef to many wishing to achieve greater health through natural foods and offer consultations for optimal well being

Since earnestly combining eating for health and using holy oils for well being, I can report more balanced emotional states amidst turmoils, visible youth-engendering results, as well as not contracting an 
illness, while those around me do! I find the food and use of oils to have a wonderful synergistic effect.  In addition, since I began to use the Holy Oils, I can honestly say that my own extrasensory perceptions have quickened in startling ways.  At times I receive visions or "spirit-whispers" while anointing another; anything shared is in complete confidence and every session is an active prayer based in service to your evolution and spiritual realization, as well as my own.  


I look forward to the opportunity to anoint you in this way.

Rosanna Ferrera

Certified Practitioner - Emerald Temple

​Founder​​ - ​Natural Ways Institute​​ 

Natural Chef - Bauman College