Consultations For Optimal Well Being

Pure holy oils combined with high-quality foods can assist you in every area of your being:

Physical, emotional, psychological, spiritual, add to that intuitive practice & divination and you have 3 Super Tools!

In these sessions, we review your needs and desires and create the best path to well-being for you :O)

Special Offers:

Get all 3 Consultations for $ 350.00

Get any Consultation with an Anointing for only $250.00



Natural Foods Consultation
In this session I offer my expertise as a Natural Chef, we discuss your current well being, typical food intake, your goals & desired outcomes and design a food program best suited to you.  Demonstrations of preparation, Shopping and Kitchen-Cupboard Consults are available by request after an initial consultation.                                                                                 
Intuitive Consultations


In these sessions we work with the more subtle aspects of being, methods vary individually and may include, conversation, divination, journaling, artistic process, holy-oils and meditation.                                                                                          
Personalized Oil Blend Consultation
A personal blend results from a discussion of your emotional, psychological, spiritual, and physical desires. Oils are specially selected and blended based upon that information. We then determine the duration of use and a personal application routine.

$150.00 * cost of oils may increase according to rarity and quantity


Do you want real health & longevity?

Do you crave a deeper realization of Self?

Choose from 3 consultations, sharing the secrets to optimal living:               

Special Offer

Any Consult with an Anointing for only $233

Get all three consults for only $333.00



A combination of any 2 consultations:  



~Nutrition Consult/ Oil Blend  

~Intuitive Consult / Oil Blend 

~Personal Nutrition / Intuitive Consult



$250.00  - * cost of oils may increase due to rarity and quantity.