Poetry for You...




I turn my ears

to the silence inside,

it wakens me

from this dream

of crowded thoughts

which shout so loud

that the song of the Sun

is but a whisper

on the lips of a damsefly

humbled by the cold of night.

Ah, the song...

Ah, the Sun, 

those dear and loyal companions 

on the way to Love.

The way to Love...

do you know it?

I have been there before

yet at times

I lose my direction,

and so, I don

the garment of silence, 

adorned perhaps with a necklace of tears.

The lamplighter notices them glistening, he stops

and shows me the way

to Love again...

"It's just up ahead,

at the corner of 

Trust & Faith!




Join the ranks of many thriving with cancer and other challenging health conditions by incorporating

natural foods, herbs, supplements

and a balanced lifestyle. 

I'd be delighted to support you!

My Book...in progress

Cancer prevention is easy and longevity can be yours. I am restoring my health, documenting and writing a book in which I share the multitude of ways I've discovered to extend longevity, optimize well-being and so we can do more of what we love with those we love.   Dr’s can lead us to believe a cancer diagnosis is the beginning of the end and insurance often dictates what we choose due to finances, but there are other choices and with a little will & determination you too can have them! I say we have as much time as we ever did. Reclaim your power and declare this the beginning of true self-expression and transformation in service of your highest purpose and well-being! I look forward to providing you information on how to maintain and recover health.   Please,  support me in creating my new book:


While I continue to offer

my services, they do not yet sustain me. I am deeply

grateful to you,

your generosity is significant to my well being.

One time contribution


A Song for You:



I wake up every morning

and ask my Self 

just how I wish to be...

release the troubles of a worried heart and mind,

set my spirit free.

For years my faith in failure, doubt and grief

paved the road beneath my feet,

now I place my faith 

in opportunity,

simple pleasures and peace.

I plan to live my life

so when I'm gone, a legacy of love and beauty will live on

and when the Angels come

to carry me away,

I'll look into their eyes, unafraid.

As the violet hues

of dawn break, the dark

dissolves into the light.

I gather all the gentle colors

to my breast,

let them paint me a new life.

I plan to live my life

so when I'm gone, a legacy of love and beauty will live on

and when the Angels come

to carry me away,

I'll look into their eyes, unafraid.

As the acorn grows into a tree,

as the Winter melts into Spring,

as the river flows to the sea, 

I will enter Enternity... 



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