Consultation & Readings for Optimal Well-Being

Do you crave a deeper realization of Self?

Do you suffer from health conditions you want to overcome?

Are you ready for genuine well-being and extended longevity?

Choose from these consultations, offering the secrets to optimal living:

Cancer Recovery Support
I was diagnosed with a very rare form of breast cancer in 2014 While I was afraid at first, I knew that if I had cancer I was going to live well and long and find ways overcome it and support others to do the same.  In this consult, we will explore your specific condition, habits, diet, supplements, and current protocols and health options. I will share what I've learned upon my own path of research and recovery using integrative methods, some of the SAFEST and most successfully proven labs, scans and treatments combined with targeted supplements, food as medicine, proper mindset and healthy lifestyle changes.  True healing is possible.
I am not a medical practitioner and I do not diagnose or treat -
I simply my offer input based on my experience.
Eating for Health Consultation

In this session I offer my experience with therapeutic nutrition as a Natural Chef, we discuss your current well-being, typical food intake, your health goals & desired outcomes and design a food program best suited to you. I offer practical guidance including delicious meal recipes, targeted supplements, and herbs to enhance the physical quality of your life - alleviate pain & allergies, extend longevity and even enhance your spiritual potential and subtle organs of perception. It's time for you to achieve greater health, clarity & balance through natural foods. We can balance blood sugar, lower cholesterol, build fertility, overcome cancer, reduce inflammation, facilitate weight loss, and more. I look forward to serving you in this way. Demonstrations of Preparation, Assisted Grocery Shopping and Kitchen-Cupboard Consults are available by request after an initial consultation, for those in proximity to Marin and Sonoma counties in CA.                                                  
Intuitive Readings
Throughout my life, I have been gifted with prophetic dreams, visions and clairvoyance.  This ability has enabled me to make more positive life choices and to offer insight to others regarding spiritual direction, physical and emotional well-being, blockages etc... In these sessions we work with the more subtle aspects of being, to see what hidden regions of your psyche or emotional body may be influencing your current life circumstances.  Readings include: meditation, divination & conversation.  
Personal Oil Blend Consultation
Aromatic oils are the plant kingdoms transfiguration of Sunlight.  Essential oils are crystalline structures that carry light, energy, and information in the form of fragrant oil. These oils have been proven to benefit the immune, nervous, circulatory, digestive and more subtle systems of the physical body as well as expand the auric field and consciousness of the individual.  
A personal blend results from a discussion of your emotional, psychological, spiritual, and physical desires. Oils are specially selected and blended based upon that information. We then determine the duration of use and a personal application routine.
cost may increase depending upon rarity and quantity of oil
non-local clients pay shipping


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