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I'm Rosanna Ferrera, and I'm surviving breast cancer with all my hair, all my lady bits and great quality of life! I have never once looked "sick" after being officially diagnosed in December of 2014.  I have wholly re-focused my lifestyle into a process of healing with diligence and good habits and I know that this is possible for anyone who commits themselves to it!  It's been a deeply spiritual journey, as well as a very physical one, requiring that I confront all that it is to be fully human and care for this body; including the depth and breadth of emotion - the pain, the fear, the grief, as well as the insights, the blessings, the support of others, the inner peace, the foods as medicine and typical medicine including: pharmaceuticals, herbs, supplements, ART and LOVE.


It was confounding to many - including me, that I got cancer, because of all my friends I've been most vigilant with an organic, seasonal diet and supplementation, non-toxic lifestyle, no raging parties etc...yet, even so, I got cancer.  So I began to look for the many unsuspecting reasons why, such as: having mercury amalgam fillings in my mouth since the age of 9 and the worst cavity that was filled was in the same tooth that shares a meridian with my left breast, which eventually developed cancer!!!  That toxic metal was leaching into my precious breast via the nerve daily!  So I decided to "hack" cancer and alchemize my body from lead into gold. I'm bringing everything I've learned in my years of study and from the Buaman College of  Therapeutic Nutrition and Culinary Arts to the table.   I have delved deeply into well-being and longevity methods, both ancient and the latest cutting-edge information. My days center around Dr's and healers, specific treatments and self-care, the beauty and challenge of each present moment, the profound generosity of those who support me, the baffling resistance and self-imposed limitations on love - the humility accompanied...you name it - I go through it!


I have been integrating my life's trainings in this profound, healing journey.  Exploring and researching the most recent advancements in functional, alternative, integrative and conventional medicine as well as herbal and therapeutic nutrition, sound healing, holy oils and more.  More personally, I am daily clearing obstacles to my health resulting from deeply embedded, unconscious or emotional memories and experiences, which limit expression,  forgiveness, well-being and love.  I view this process as relevant to all of us in our collective human potential and one which engenders great leaps in consciousness.  My hearts desire is to take all I've learned and support others like yourself toward greater health, vitality, clarity, and connection to self and spirit, so I've have created several ways to accomplish that with these consultations.


In my own spiritual journey, I have a non-dogmatic view of spirituality and have benefitted from the wisdom traditions of many cultures. I was raised Catholic as a child & developed a personal connection with the Holy Trinity and when I entered my Waldorf teacher training, it led to a more esoteric view of the Cosmic Christ and later to the Gnostic teachings. After the death of my Mother, and many other beloveds, I was called to pursue teachings on death via Buddhism, especially the profound practice of Phowa - as preparation for death, in service of the dying and as offerings to those already passed on. And more recently exploring the mysteries of Ascension via the Essene food wisdom and various meditation and practices.  I have been gifted with clairvoyance and clairsentience throughout my life.  Initially, it was something I enjoyed as a child then disregarded as a young adult and thought too strange to assimilate, but with maturity, I came to embrace it and recognize its value in service to others and myself.


Over the past decade, the Archetypes of the Divine Feminine have played a large role in my life, and I have served as a Temple Keeper and Preistess of the 13 Moon Mystery School founded by Ariel Spilsbury. Additionally, I have been initiated in the arts of Holy Oil anointing with Scent Priestess, Diana DuBrow - Founder of the Emerald Temple. These "temples", are not location specific, rather they are sacred spaces - that reside in the heart of each being.   It is the internal center of devotion, emptiness, honesty, service to life and one another which builds them.  The use of oils greatly enhances the subtle organs of perception and health.


For many years my service has been expressed as a Waldorf teacher. I taught in Pre-K/ Kindergarten for 13 years, and during that time saw a dramatic rise in miscarriages, and spectrum disorders amongst the children - causing declines in their aptitudes and abilities. I came to understand their correlation to toxicity and poor nutrition and thus became certified in therapeutic nutrition, as a Natural Chef through Bauman College. I also worked professionally in restaurants and privately for those in recovery from health conditions. I have since founded the Natural Ways Institute, an online resource ~ offering my services and tipping point products, and information on maintaining well being, building health in a toxic world and creating wealth with ethics in a shifting economy.


I am now in a process of integrating the knowledge gained from these experiences so that I may be of benefit to others like myself who are in a healing process whether from cancer or seeking to prevent cancer in my upcoming book -  Radical Alchemy 


I give great thanks to my beloved family members and my extraordinary community of friends who make each day worthwhile and give me strength to carry on in all I do.  I am gratefully receiving donations for my own healing here as well as offering consultations for your benefit.  May you never be afflicted with this dis-ease, yet if you are I pray that you release your fear, follow your intuition, do your own research and find what I share to be of service to you.

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