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Ms. BoobWell's here!

Well Ladies, and the gents who love them...these days our boobs need extra love and care! I want to offer as much as I can to help you keep them healthy and cancer free. Let me start by saying my healing is by no means complete. I am not in remission yet, though I see this blog as a means to it. I beleive I need to come forward with as much heart and awareness as I've got in order to help make it happen. Sharing is the medicince, so here I am and I want to help you as much as myself ~ we are in this together.

I am doing my best to create an online business while dealing with a very involved daily treatment routine and mounting medical expenses and frankly, I could really use some extra funds, so if you've got some to spare and want to "pay it forward", it would be so deeply appreciated. :O)

Now here's a little video about my boobs...