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5 Tips to Break the Sugar/Carb Habit!

Most of us know enough to know that eating lots of vegetables is good for us and so is avoiding the donuts, cake and sodas, but are you aware of how much sugar is still sneaking into your diet? You could very well be suffering from conditions caused by these unaware?

Here's a list of some of the top conditions caused by high carb (converts to sugar rapidly) and high glycemic foods:


Candida - (Itchy skin eruptions and rashes)

Chromium deficiency

Decrease in growth hormone secretion

Depletion and imbalance of neurotransmitters



Heart Disease

Hyperactivity - Difficulty Concentrating - and Crankiness (in children)


This is not something to dismiss or take lightly. The addictions and bad habits we have with foods are causing much suffering and harm.

So here's what you can do...

1. Ease up on the grains & carbs, yes, the wheat (even corn and rice) in your bread , cereal and pasta is a hybridized grain that causes all sorts of issues, allergies and inflammation (underlying cause of disease) in the body. Ancient grains like spelt or gluten free grains such as quinoa, millet, and teff are better options. Let's not forget potatoes. Americans love their fries and chips and hash browns and tater tots, but sorry kids, potatoes are some of the highest sugar converting carbs. And the oils they are cooked in are not only rancid, but highly inflammatory and often GMO. Sprouted and soured grains are even better as the enzymes and friendly bacteria help you to digest, but limit these carbs even so.

2. Smoothies for breakfast! Here in the USA we tend to eat carbs and protein for breakfast which is a poor start to the day. A better choice is to make a smoothie. Pureed greens, berries, avocado and a little protein powder is a much healthier start to you day.

3. Supplement Often those craving sweets have nutrient deficiencies that are demanding attention. Especially if you've not been eating lots of fresh fruits and veggies on a daily basis you can bet you are deficient in B-vitamins, Folate especially and if you've been a vegan then B-12 for sure. Also, if you crave lots of chocolate it can be a sign of magnesium deficiency and while you do get some from chocolate the best for is magnesium chloride and that is not ingested but topical in the form of lotion, oil, or bath salts so decide which form you'd really use and use it. If you know you won't use a topical then get some Magnesium Oxide or Citrate ( these can have laxative effect so use carefully). Enzymes & Probiotics, these little buggers are so important for digestion and nutrient absorption. If you're eating cooked food you've just destroyed th enzymes in that so take enzymes with every meal and probiotics in the form of sauerkraut and kimchee condiments like these are delicious and nutritious. If sauerkraut is not your favorite then you can get probiotic supplements. My favorite is "Prescript Assist" which has a very broad spectrum of varieties including really friendly soil-biotics.

4. Clear Out Your Cupboards Yes, you can control what you buy and what comes into your own home, so take all that snacky-sweet and carb loaded food and donate it to a food shelter or pass it out to homeless folks! Then stock up on what will nourish and build your nutrient stores in your body. Replace your chips with nuts and seeds and cut veggies like carrots and celery with yummy dips. Ditch any sweeteners like sugar, corn syrup, and especially Equal, Aspartame and the like - which are dangerous excitotoxins and get maple syrup, honey and stevia.

5. Heal the Habit If cravings are your issue even after supplementing and getting more smoothies and real food nutrients in your body, then you're dealing with the "habit body". In these cases it's time for an alternate plan. Bring healthy snacks on the go with you like nuts and seeds or a low sugar green apple. If you've gotten plenty of food in you but your still craving then distract yourself with a walk or call a friend or do something productive instead. Sometimes having a piece of stevia sweetened gum can help.

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It's time to get on a path to total vibrancy!